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Made in the USA

Giclee (pronounced ‘zhee-clay”) is french term meaning to spray. The Giclee printing process involves a fine stream of ink more than four million droplets per inch being sprayed one line at a time onto archival canvas. This produces a combination of 512 chromatic changes (with over three million colors possible) of highly saturated, non-toxic water based pigmented inks that last 150 years.

A huge factor in the popular allure of Canvas Giclee Gallery Wrapped prints is their ability to recreate deep saturated colors and to have beautiful painterly quality that retains minute subtleties and nuances from the original painting, revealing delicate tints and blends of color once unachievable in reproductions. This imparts to the canvas print the look of an original painting at a much more affordable price.

Every step of the production process is artist supervised here at our studio in Clarkson Michigan, and no print is printed until it is deemed perfect by artist Russell Cobane. Each Canvas Giclee print takes one half to one hour to print, is coated with a waterproof uv varnish, and then trimmed by hand and gallery wrapped onto stretcher bars.  

A unique and very desirable quality of this beautiful product is that it is artisan made entirely in the USA. The Giclees are produced with the same masterful delicacy and attention to detail as the original paintings themselves. You and your family will love and treasure this unique new printed art form. There are many versions of Gallery Wrap prints in the marketplace today, but few compare to our quality and precision of workmanship, and none can boast that they are produced by hand by an award winning artist. Enter now the world of Canvas Giclee Gallery Wrapped prints, and fall in love with Russell’s beautiful and soothing nature paintings. 

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